Creating my own images!

So this is one of the images I made using the app called Canva. I chose that particular quote because it kinda reminded me about the real world of today. The world might be in a dark place but there will be some light soon. I put the rainbow ton represent the light in the world and also to add a bit of color. I added the purple circle in the corner for just an extra design choice. Then I added the rain cloud and the raindrops to accompany the quote. Then I added the black background to make the colors pop and to represent the dark in the world. Well, I hope you enjoyed the image I made.🤗

I made this one using Cavan as well and this one will be a lot easier to explain, unlike the other one. I was inspired by Thanksgiving for this image and being grateful. Why? You may ask well ill tell you! Every year at the beginning of the month of November my family and I start a chain of stuff we’re grateful for and every day we add one thing. At the end of the month, we have a huge chain of things my whole family is grateful for.

So back on the topic why are the things in the picture there? The turkey is there because he is cute and because a turkey symbolizes Thanksgiving. The pumpkin is there because people use them to decorate and to make delicious desserts!😍 Then the happy holiday sign is there because I could not find a happy Thanksgiving one.😕 Then I chose that background because it makes the other things go together even more for me. Well, I hope you enjoyed the images I made, and remember if you want to make your own then just click here!


Meet my Avatar!

This is the avatar that I based on myself. I made this avatar on a website called Face Your Manga. I have a hat on because at home I almost always wear hats. I put on a black jacket because it represents my favorite hoodie. I actually don’t paint my nails I just wanted the peace sigh and there was no way to make it with no painted nails. I made the background purple and black to represent my favorite color scheme. I put earrings because my ears are pierced but I really don’t wear them a lot. I put brown hair and brown eyes because I have brown hair and brown eyes. Well, that’s all so bye! 👋